About HolyBalls.com

HolyBalls.com is pretty much the best thing to happen to social networking links ever.

Now, you can get a short URL for your links like HolyBalls.com/matt

This service is perfect for sharing links that imply the content being shared is both shocking and awesome!

You can make a HolyBalls.com link by clicking Make a Short URL at HolyBalls.com

You can embed the HolyBalls.com sharing utility to your website by clicking Add HolyBalls.com Sharing Utility to My Site

When you share your link, HolyBalls.com collects statistics on the hits and referrers so you can track how often your link is being clicked and from where. After you have created your link, you can track your hits by clicking See My Hits.

Domain:Path Optional 

This allows you to create a custom path making your vanity URL even easier to use & remember.